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Treating Acute and Chronic Arthritis with Acupuncture and Herbs

From the very beginning of my practice in 1988 I began working with patients with chronic arthritis, osteo, rheumatoid, gouty… you name it. Some of the most satisfying successes I have had as an acupuncturist over the last 29 years have been in working with arthritic patients.

Rheumatoid arthritis is considered to be among the most damaging and recalcitrant diseases Western doctors have to deal with and they usually need to resort to very toxic and dangerous prescription drugs to keep it under control.

Leukemia, severe GI damage, blood clots, heart attack and even strokes are some of the possible effects of these drugs…ibuprofen, or Motrin, once considered a drug safe enough to be sold without prescription is now considered a dangerous risk for heart attacks and strokes! With acupuncture and herbal medicine NONE of these problems occur and the positive effects can turn around arthritic conditions of even decades duration.

My oldest patient now is a lady who has had severe arthritis for 45 years. When she first began seeing me 6 years ago her pain was at a level of 8-9 out of 10 and her hips, knees, ankles, low back were all involved. She was on multiple pain killers and had to resort to steroids on occasion. She came in faithfully twice a week and still continues once or twice a week to this day.

Meanwhile, she has taken NO pain killers, prescription or OTC and no steroids for 5 years now and has NO pain in the hips, low back and ankles and only her knees bother her at a level of 2 to 4 …. and she is 85 years old! So you see, even the elderly , who are not really expected to “get well” in our society, can receive great benefit and improve with acupuncture.

Another patient, diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 25 years ago began seeing me at that time and was taking Motrin 800 mg 3 times a day and prednisone daily. After several months he was off both those meds and has never had to use any since. In fact I rarely see him except for an occasional “tune up” treatment and he functions normally with NO drugs or even herbal medicine to speak of.

Another patient who came to see me just a few years ago had been diagnosed at the same time as my other patient but had gone the Western route. He had endured joint replacements to both hips, both knees, his shoulders, and was covered in sores from the drugs he had been taking…oh and did I mention… he was in a wheel chair! A far cry from the patient who used acupuncture and herbal medicine!

I can attest to the safety and efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments for arthritis and so can many of my patients! If you or someone you know is suffering with arthritis and lives in the area, do them a favor and send them over! I can help!